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Women's 3mm Full Length Black Wetsuit

Women's 3mm Full Length Black Wetsuit

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Brand: Sbart

Material:  3mm thickness, 90% Neoprene + 10% Nylon 

Unique design - form-fitting, practical, beautiful and stylish.
Soft and stretchable collar - good fit, not loose or tight, keeps neck comfortable.
Smooth seal cuffs - stick to your wrist and ankle, minimizes water coming in
Back zipper with a long strap - easy to zip up and down by yourself, convenient to put on and take off.
Premium material - super stretchy 3mm neoprene lined with elastic nylon, flexible, soft and comfortable
Flatlock stitch - it's functional and sometimes called a Safety Stitch, stretchable, strong and very secure, it's also decorative, makes the wetsuit looks stylish.
Anti-abrasion knee pad - the fabric on the knee pad is tougher than standard, it's much more durable and can offer better protection for your knee.
Multi-sport wetsuit - designed for all water sports, suitable for amateur and beginner. suggested water temperatures of 18°C~20°C.

Name: 3MM wetsuit
Material: 90% neoprene, 10% elastane nylon
Gender:  women
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