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Campmore 4 Man Tent

Campmore 4 Man Tent

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Campmore 4 man tent

Campmore camping tent with vestibule, seasons family tent, igloo tent for 3-4 people, waterproof tent, double-layered (blue)

- Dimensions: W x D x H: 310 cm x 240 cm x 130 cm; Pack size (60x14x14 cm); Weight (3.23 kg)

-Ideal for camping, hiking, trekking, traveling, on the beach, garden party; an unforgettable vacation in nature! -The main feature of this holiday tent is that it is instantly set up.

-Lightweight dome tent for up to 4 people; spacious anteroom offers extra storage space; Extremely strong fiberglass frame; Pockets for the bars for easy assembly; the special material in the interior of the tent provides all-round ventilation; the 2-layer design offers sufficient protection against rain; D-shaped door is more convenient for access.

-Double-walled 3–4-man igloo tent

-Product group: Camping Articles, Outdoor & Camping

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