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Muscle Message Gun

Muscle Message Gun

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Massage gun with battery:
-4 replaceable massage heads
-light structure
-Adjustable speed


The massage gun uses a vibration technique to help relax tired and sore muscles stimulate blood circulation and helps muscle regenerate.
It is excellent for supplementing warm-up exercises before sports and relaxing exercises after sports.


It can also help with a variety of muscle and joint pains.
Light weight was an important aspect of its design, so we can use it on different muscle groups in our body.
The package includes 4 different, replaceable heads that are suitable for massaging different areas of the body.


It includes a flat, general head that can be used in all areas of the body, as well as a spherical head that is ideal for larger muscle groups.
The third is a special U-shaped head that is excellent for the muscles near the spine.
Head 4 is specifically recommended for joint treatment.
Battery main features:
-Amplitude: approx. 1 cm
frequency: 50 Hz
-Rated voltage: DC12V
-Power: 24W
-supply voltage: 8.4V
-number of gears: 6
number of programs: 1
-connection cable length: 188 cm
-charging time: approx. 3 hours
-vibration number: 3200 ~ 3400 rpm
Important! If you have more severe joint and / or muscle pain or a known illness, consult your doctor before use.

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