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SAMAX Kids Bike Trailer

SAMAX Kids Bike Trailer

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SAMAX Children Bike Trailer 2in1 Jogger 360° rotatable Stroller with Suspension - in Green - Black Edition


Bike trailer and jogger combined

Our modern 2in1 model provides parents, baby & children the highest possible comfort and maximum safety. It can be used as a bicycle trailer with a 360° rotatable front wheel for more flexibility, but also as a jogger. Due to the quick-release system and collapsible canopy frame, the three-wheeled vehicle can be quickly dismantled and reassembled immediately. This makes the child bike trailer or jogger also suitable for transport in the car or it can be stowed in a shed or garage if it is not used over a longer period.

Safety when pulling and pushing

When in use, the child trailer convinces with its low weight and the integrated rotary safety coupling. Both ensure good maneuverability and ensure control over the bike trailer. The function of the 360° rotatable front wheel is particularly striking. Rotating the trailer even in smaller areas therefore will not be a problem anymore. The bench seat can accommodate 1-2 children. The bike trailer may only be loaded up to a maximum of approx. 20 kg, so that the permissible total weight of 40 kg is not exceeded. During the ride, the padded waistbelt and shoulder straps, as well as the roll-over bar ensure safety.

Comfortable travel in the children's bike trailer

This 2in1 childrens bike trailer offers the necessary comfort due to its spring-loaded rear axle, the 360° rotatable front wheel and the cleverly designed convertible top. It includes two individually rollable layers - one with an insect screen - the other with a clear plastic film. So the children are protected from stone impacts, insects and light rain showers. Furthermore, the 2in1 bike trailer has a small storage space behind the seat in which parents can store what they need on trips for babies and children

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