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Trespass rubber mallet

Trespass rubber mallet

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Essential for camping, the Belta Trespass rubber mallet for tent pegs secures your tent with ease. Lightweight, with a rubber grip for stability, it has a metal shaft to break terrain and a rubber head to prevent damage to pegs. A must-have for any camper to quickly assemble their tent.

  • Sturdy Metal Shaft - The mallet's strong metal shaft provides weight and strength for easy penetration and secure placement of tent pegs.
  • Rubber Head & Grip - The rubber head preserves the integrity of tent pegs while the rubber grip ensures a secure and comfortable hold for efficient tent pitching.
  • Lightweight & Portable - Weighing just 0.29kg, this mallet is lightweight and easy to carry, making it an essential tool for camping trips.
  • Perfect Size & Fit - With dimensions of 72mm x 270mm, this rubber mallet is designed to fit perfectly for its intended use.


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